Now Part of the

Specialist Coatings International Group!

We are delighted to announce that Tank Storage & Services Ltd is now part of the Specialist Coatings International Group, a leading manufacturer of quality protective products, including the Graffgo AG anti-graffiti system.


SCI have supplied innovative products to satisfied clients around the world, including, Australia, New Zealand, Hongkong, Malaysia, America as well as European city councils and international Banks, along with Major International facilities management companies.

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Child Care & Education

  • Mastersolve | Biodegradable multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser. 
  • Protect | Bacterial hard surface cleaner
  • Protect OD 
  • Loo-Clean | Toilet Cleaner and Descaler
  • Safeglaze | Industrial Cleaner/Descaler
  • Diamond | Window and tile cleaner